Carolynn’s Services

Fulfilling the legal requirements and submitting the documentation to the relevant authorities including:

Completing the documents:

  • Notice of intended Marriage
  • Declarations
  • Official Marriage Certificate
  • Marriage Register – Kept by Celebrant

Furnishing the legal responsibilities:

  • Monitum
  • Vows
  • Sign the register
  • Presentation Certificate

When you make an appointment, we:

  • Complete the documentation
  • Choose a suitable ceremony from a wide selection of complete ceremonies, vows, ring ceremonies, special effects ceremonies to add warmth and further significance to your special day
  • Collate the ceremony in conjunction with the client’s wishes
  • Supply a copy of the selected completed ceremony.
  • Conduct the ceremony at the appointed time, date and venue of your special wedding day.
  • Carolynn can officiate in her office and garden or a venue chosen by the couple.

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Shaun and Jess

Thank you for making our day a pleasant experience. We appreciated your help.

Shaun and Jess

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